• Inclusion is a right not a privilege
    Have you ever wondered why you don’t see many babies and toddlers with disabilities crossing your path when you’re out and about? I find myself frequently pondering on this question, especially on family days out.
  • Sudan Fundraiser
    A face painting and colouring party for children, together with their parents brought the community closer together.
  • Al-Nour Institute for the Blind, Sudan
    It is the only national institute in the Sudan for educating and preparing the blind socially and psychologically. The institute admits pupils from all over the Sudan.
  • COS -UK fundraising @Tunaweza (We Can in Swahili) Festival!
      COS -UK fundraising @Tunaweza (We Can in Swahili) Festival!    
  • Rafaa A. Ekhidir`s Memorial Football Tournament
    We would like to thank Hilal Rangers in London and The Youth Factor once more for all their help in organising and volunteering at this event! it was a great success!   
  • What we do
    The Children of Sudan is a UK registered charity that was brought together by a group of young people living in the United Kingdom. The aim of the organization is to better future of youth