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The recent political and economic instability in Sudan has led to currency inflation, increase to cost of living, goods, and fuel costs. This has also impacted the cost of education whether it be access to school resources or transportation to and from schools.

The quality of government funded schools in Sudan has been suffering for some time, and those impacted the most by this are orphans. We believe that every child deserves quality education that will empower them with the tools to find better opportunities and end their cycle of poverty.

Funds donated to our Education for Orphans project will cover the cost of school equipment and uniforms in addition to the cost of training & development resources for the teaching staff. Your generous donation will not only fund the cost of education for these orphans but give them hope for a brighter future.

We currently work with Women's Education Partnership (WEP) and endeavour to expand our project by establishing more charity partnerships in future.



We do not charge administration fees and 100% of your donation will fund this project.