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The recent political and economic instability in Sudan has led to currency inflation, scarcity and cost increase of medicines, and poor access to adequate medical equipment.

Healthcare in Sudan is not fully government funded and many families rely on donations to cover their medical expenses. Children from low-income and poor families that have new and existing health problems are especially impacted by this. And sadly, many children develop preventable illnesses that would have otherwise been detected through diagnostic treatments or die from a lack of medicine and treatments.

In the past, our Pharmacy Project (working with on the ground hospital volunteers) funded the cost of prescribed medicines for children that were identified to be from poor and low-income families. The success of that project helped us to identify the gap in accessing diagnostic treatments that would prevent or identify early signs of disease.

Therefore, together with our charity partners in Sudan; Sadagaat & Hadreen, we are honoured to launch our latest initiative, Medical Diagnostics and Treatment project. This project will fund the cost of diagnostic and medical treatments and replace the Pharmacy Project.

These treatments include medical investigations and imaging which are imperative to diagnosing critical illnesses like cancer. We have also identified affordable and effective medicines that are in high demand for the treatment of these diseases. 

Your generous donations will help provide much needed medical treatment to deprived children.



We do not charge administration fees and 100% of your donation will fund this project.