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Al Nour Institute is the only official primary school in Khartoum that specialises in education for visually impaired children. Their primary aim is to provide their students with the necessary tools to enhance their learning and to enable them to grow the confidence to navigate through society.

The specialised equipment required to facilitate this initiative is costly, and unfortunately, despite the institutes’ immense efforts, they have struggled to secure enough funding to meet their needs.

COS were able to raise enough funds to support Al Nour Institute by providing them with various equipment to aid in their learning. We identified which equipment they were in shortage of, so we supplied them with Cubarithm boards and MP3 players that were pre-recorded by our volunteers with lessons, music, and Quran recitations. We also assisted them with getting their documents translated and installed a water filter system so that the children would have access to fresh drinking water.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who made this possible and hope to offer our further support to Al Nour Institute in future.